Explorations is pleased to offer a top-notch preschool curriculum with reasonable tuition fees. We offer Lawrenceville preschool students a place that’s safe, fun and educational. It’s a place for them to spread their wings and explore the world around them. Through working together with their peers and participating in our Community Outreach events to help those less fortunate, our preschool curriculum helps prepare children to be a vital part of their community as well as to succeed in school.


Our preschool programs run year round, so you can enroll at any time during the year as long as space is available.


  • 2 snacks daily

  • healthy lunch

  • sleeping cot

  • diapers and wipes (for the infant class)

Infant care

6 weeks to 18 months

  • 5 Days:  $1352

  • 4 Days:  $1082

  • 3 Days:  $875

  • 2 Days:  $583

per month

Toddler Class

18 to 30 months

  • 5 Days:  $1196

  • 4 Days:  $956

  • 3 Days:  $781

  • 2 Days:  $520

per month


2.5 to 6 years

  • 5 Days:  $1040

  • 4 Days:  $832

  • 3 Days:  $687

  • 2 Days:  $416

per month


  • 6:30-8:30AM         $225/mo

  • 2:40-6:00PM         $350/mo

Is Preschool Tuition Tax Deductible?

We are often asked if our tuition is tax deductible on income tax returns. The answer is that even though private school tuition is not tax deductible, tuition expenses for children who are under kindergarten age and enrolled in preschool usually are deductible as long as the preschool program also counts as child care. Then the Child Tax Care Credit can apply and the cost of your child’s preschool program is deductible. Check with your tax preparer if you have questions about your specific situation.

If you think that Explorations sounds like a good fit for your child, contact us with any questions you have about tuition or the admissions process, or to arrange a tour of our school!

Explorations Refer-A-Friend Program!

Because we are a small school, we rely on our current families and friends to help spread the word about our amazing preschool programs and help with enrollment. As an incentive, we are offering $100 for each referral that leads to the full time enrollment of a child.  We appreciate everyone for your help in this process!


Explorations Childcare and Learning Center

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