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Early Childhood Education in Lawrenceville, NJ


Welcome to Explorations, a great place for children to learn, play and discover! Located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Explorations is here to meet the needs of your family. We offer services for children 6 weeks to 5 years old, as well as a summer program for children entering grades k-2. 


What Can a High Quality Preschool Program Do for Your Child?

Early childhood education at a high quality preschool offers many benefits that can help your child achieve more in school and in life — and be more confident as well. No matter what a child’s background may be, attending a preschool with a well-developed program can help him or her go further. Studies have shown that even at-risk children are less likely to drop out of high school if they received a high quality preschool education.

With such long-lasting benefits, we believe in the efficacy of early childhood education — and we keep up with the latest teaching methods and developments in our field.

Some of the many benefits of a high quality preschool education include:


We recognize the need for preschoolers to be active and move a lot, but we also take the opportunity to teach them how to work in a classroom setting, learn to follow directions, interact respectfully with teachers and other students, and work together on activities.


Our early education programs for preschool children give young kids the opportunity to learn how to be independent from their parents in a safe, nurturing learning environment with teachers who care about their success.


Children between the ages of 3 and 5 add anywhere from 900 to 2,500 words to their vocabulary during that crucial time period, and begin using more complex sentence structures. With the kind of varied educational approach we use at Explorations, your child will have plenty of opportunities to learn new words as we learn about science, gardening, cooking, music and movement, yoga, arts and crafts, and more!

Early Learning

We begin teaching our preschool students colors, shapes, letters and numbers at an early age so they can develop a comfortable familiarity with math and reading concepts. Our 4 year old preschool / Pre-K students learn to write their full names, as well as learning some basic math concepts and having exposure to sight words.

Motor Skill Dev

Through arts and crafts activities such as coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting, and more, many preschool activities help kids develop their fine motor skills. These are abilities that will come in handy when your child begins learning to write and do math.

The Best Learning Environment, Indoors and Out

We believe that children learn through the experiences of the five senses (touching, tasting, seeing, hearing and smelling). As a result, our talented early childhood teachers lead their students through many different kinds of activities — we like to take a hands-on approach to our day. From exciting STEM activities that use Lego blocks (who doesn’t love Lego??) to a variety of fun sensory activities, we have plenty of ways to engage kids and help them learn about their world.


Not only is our indoor learning environment stocked with a variety of high quality learning aids and toys, but we spend a lot of time outdoors, too! Our preschoolers have access to a fenced-in outdoor play area, sand and water tables, a garden, and our classes frequently take walks. We have plenty of indoor activities as well, with classes like yoga, music and movement, and physical education classes that help kids develop their balance and hand-eye coordination.

When the weather is warmer, our students can also try their hand at gardening in our vegetable garden! It’s exciting for preschool students when they can watch their vegetables grow from seeds or seedlings, and then pick them and help to prepare them. In this way, we are able to teach children concepts of science, nutrition, cooking and the environment, all at the same time. (Kids are also more likely to try new foods and healthy vegetables when they are involved in food preparation and cooking!)


We reinforce our commitment to healthy eating with two snacks a day and lunch.

Early Childhood Education that Leads to Emotional Maturity

Many studies have shown that doing good for others helps people feel better about themselves and more fulfilled. Volunteering can also help people expand their social network and be more involved members of society. And when family members volunteer together, they can become even closer as a family.

Children who are allowed to help those in need are more socially aware, more compassionate, and feel more empowered to make positive changes in their world. Explorations helps to foster a spirit of volunteering and caring for others through our monthly Community Outreach events. We have partnered with a variety of local charities that benefit our Mercer County neighbors, including Homefront, Meals on Wheels, Kids Helping Kids, Operation Christmas Child, SAVE Animal Shelter, and the Salvation Army. Parents are welcome to come and help out with these volunteer activities!

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Stacie Anderson

We were so blessed to find Explorations! Our six year old was totally ready to start kindergarten...  Explorations has given them not only a school, but a family!

Karen Donnelly

My kids love Explorations. They learn so much and have so much fun, but the best part is that they are treated like family by the teachers. I couldn’t ask for a better place!

Kim Menchu

What a great bunch of teachers. The love and dedication that show to our precious babies is amazing. Love you and thank you! 

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